Get the Most from this Course

How to Cook Real Food: Tips for getting the most out of the lessons.

Here’s some quick and easy tips to help you get the most out of Get Cultured! the online cooking class that will teach you how to ferment anything.

1. Read the full lesson.

Each lesson includes details on what we’re making and why we’re making it. So if you want to know exactly how kefir is made, why sauerkraut nourishes or why homemade broth is really good for you, read the full lesson.

2. Watch the videos.

The videos and downloadable materials are located about half-way down the screen. Watch the videos as many times as you need and as often as you like; after all, you have complete and full lifetime access to these materials. Each video is usually between five and ten minutes long and will provide you details on what you need to prepare the dish, step-by-step instructions as well as a quick outline covering how and why the dish nourishes. So whether it’s straining kefir or learning how to make fresh whey, you’ll learn it.

3. Get the downloads.

Many participants of Nourished Kitchen’s online cooking classes keep a three-ring binder they use to print and store the materials for each individual installment. Other participants create a dedicated folder on their desktop into which they download and save all of the course’s materials. We have provided you with two ways to use the downloadable materials:

  • Store Downloads in dedicated folder on your computer’s desktop.
  • Purchase a 3-ring binder, print out the downloads and store them for later use.

4. Review the materials and make the dishes.

Review the materials thoroughly before making the dishes. Then try the dishes in your kitchen. Most ferments are very easy to prepare requiring only one or two steps.

5. Got Questions? I’m here!

If you run into a snag, I’m here to help you out. At the end of each lesson, there’s a comment section. Feel free to add your comment or question to that section. I will respond within two business days. Alternatively, email me at using the subject line HOW TO COOK REAL FOOD. And if you’re really in a tough bind, give me a call at 970.901.2485; I’m hear to answer your questions.