Lesson #12: Putting it All Together



How to Cook Real Food: Putting it All Together

You’ve fermented, soaked and slow-cooked your way through twelve weeks of nutrient-dense foods, in this lesson, I’ve shared my tips for building a pantry, purchasing healthy foods on a budget and how to cut expenses.  Moreover, you’ll find a series of worksheets and spreadsheets that I use every week to manage our kitchen, stick to our budget and plan nutrient-dense meals than my family loves.

This installment includes:

VIDEO: Once-a-week Food Preparation
WORK SHEETS: Kitchen Inventory (SPREADSHEET), Grocery Budget (SPREADSHEET), Shopping List, Meal Planning Worksheet
FACT SHEETS: Dietary Guidelines from the Traditional Foods Community, Stocking a Real Foods Pantry, Cost-saving Measures for Real Food Lovers, Conservation in the Kitchen & Beyond, Keeping a Kitchen Inventory, Using Your Inventory & The Seasons to Plan Meals, Menu Planning Basics & The Anatomy of a Supper,


  • Identify the dietary principles behind the traditional foods movement.
  • Learn the essentials you need to stock a pantry.
  • Understand and identify the key components of cooking healthy foods on a budget.
  • Develop a grocery budget that allows for bulk purchasing.
  • Understand and identify the key components of strategic meal planning.
  • Develop a weekly meal plan.
  • Identify value of keeping a kitchen inventory.
  • Use the worksheets below to develop a kitchen inventory.
  • Identify the basics behind simple and easy menu planning and more comprehensive alternatives.

Master Download

Download all the recipes, tutorials and fact sheets in one file by clicking here.

Videos & Links:


Interactive Worksheets & Materials

  • Kitchen Inventory Spreadsheet: Check out my pantry inventory, then build your own with this spreadsheet.
  • Grocery Budget Spreadsheet: Download this spreadsheet which includes the grocery budget from Nourished Kitchen, and also a sample worksheet for your kitchen.  Just plug in your budget and the cost of your food.
  • Shopping List: Download this simple shopping list that helps you to categorize needed items by where you’ll purchase them.
  • Meal Planning Worksheets: Download this simple worksheet that will help you to plan your family’s meals.  You can also see sample meal plans from Nourished Kitchen: week #1, week #2.