Lesson #1: Slow-cooked, Roast Meats

How to Cook Real Food: Tender Grass-fed & Pasture-raised Meats

Grass-fed and pasture-raised meats can be tough by comparison to the meat from confinement operations.  This is due, in part, to the active lifestyles the animals do, and should lead.  Fortunately, preparing tender cuts of these meats is easy; moreover, it’s a cost-saving measure.  Slow-roasting meats, as you’ll learn in this lesson, enables you to make use of less expensive cuts (like chuck or arm roasts) which saves you money while producing beautiful and tender dishes.

Every traditional society studied by Weston A Price early in the 20th century, made use of animal foods in one form or another: fresh milk, wild-caught fish, grass-fed meat.  These foods are nutrient-dense and promote health and well-being; moreover, they contain nutrients simply not found in a plant-based, veg*n diet.  For this reason, the consumption of properly raised meats, milks, fish and other animal foods warrants special attention and a place in a healthy diet.

In this lesson you’ll learn to prepare a dish of roast meat as well as a dish of roast poultry.  Note that, in the dish of roast meat, you can use a slow-cooker to prepare the dish; though it is also, traditionally prepared, in a skillet in the oven.  When preparing the roast chicken, please remember to save the bird’s frame and bones for use in next week’s lesson on stocks and broths.

This installment includes:

VIDEO: Slow-roasted grass-fed meat, How to Truss & Roast a Chicken, How to Braise Ribs, How to Pan-fry a Steak

WORK SHEETS: Roast Poultry Recipe Work Sheet, Roast Grass-fed Meat Recipe Worksheet, Recipe Formula for Roast Poultry (CHART), Recipe Formula for Roast Meat (CHART)
How to Choose & Shop for High Quality Meats, Saving Money Making & Good Meats Last, Knowing Your Cuts (CHART), Frequently Asked Questions
Herb-roasted Chicken with Prosciutto, Simple Roast Chicken, Moroccan Roast Chicken, Italian Herb Roast Chicken, Roast Duck with Sour Cherry Sauce, Roast Lamb with Olives & Lemon, Pan-fried Steak, Braised Steak with Red Wine, Beef Pot Roast with Root Vegetables


  • Identify the benefits of pasture- and grass-raised meats.
  • Identify less expensive cuts of meat.
  • Learn how to truss a bird.
  • Develop and prepare a recipe for roast meat.
  • Develop and prepare a recipe for roast poultry.
  • Learn to pan-fry a steak.
  • Learn to braise meat.

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Videos & Links:

How to Truss & Roast a Chicken

In this video I’ll show you how to season, truss and slow-roast a chicken so that you produce a deeply succulent, moist and tender bird. (15m 06s) Trouble viewing the video? Click here.

How to Roast Grass-fed Meat

In this video, I’ll show you how to season, sear and slow-roast grass-fed meats.  You can use lamb, beef or pasture-raised pork.  This method is also suitable for less expensive cuts. (9m 30s) Trouble viewing the video? Click here.


How to Braise Ribs

In this video I’ll show you how to season and oven-braise beef ribs with root vegetables.  This technique can also be used for any inexpensive cut of meat. (04m 12s) Trouble viewing the video? Click here.

How to Pan-fry a Great Steak

In this video I’ll show you how to season and pan-fry a great steak, including a unique technique that ensures tender steaks even if you prefer them well-done. Trouble viewing the video?  Click here.

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