Getting Started: Food Philosophy, Shop Local and Eat Fresh

How to Cook Real Food: Getting Started

Welcome to  How to Cook Real Food, an online class offered at Nourished Kitchen.  This installment is designed to give you the background behind Nourished Kitchen and this cooking course, and we’re going to take it easy.  This week is dedicated to cleaning up our pantries – using up or discarding any boxes or packages currently lurking in the cupboards – and learning to source high quality natural foods.  If you’re already dedicated to the traditional foods movement, much of this material will be review, and if you’re new to traditional foods it gives you a bit of background on the history of the movement and the philosophy behind both Nourished Kitchen and How to Cook Real Food.

This installment is all about food philosophy: sourcing foods ethically and locally, understanding the history of the traditional foods movement and the research of Dr. Price as well as taking a look at the starter cultures we’ll be using throughout How to Cook Real Food.  Remember, if you have any questions or concerns, you can post them in the comments section of this installment or email me.  So brush up on your food philosophy, go shopping for real food and next week we’ll start cooking!

This installment includes:

BONUS VIDEO: Food Philosophy, Getting to Know Your Starters

PRINT Materials: What is real food? Weston A Price, DDS, How to Choose Your Ingredients, Sourcing Local Foods, Cleaning & Stocking Your Pantry, Getting Ready for Lesson #1


  • Clean your cupboards, fridge, freezer and pantry.
  • Find sources of local foods including farmers markets, CSAs, farm stands and gardens.
  • Sourcing ingredients and any equipment necessary for the remaining classes.
  • Going shopping – making sure only to buy single-ingredient real foods.
  • Read up on Weston A Price and the traditional foods movement.

Master Download

Download all the recipes, tutorials and fact sheets in one file by clicking here.

Videos & Links:

Food Philosophy behind Nourished Kitchen & How to Cook Real Food

In this video we discuss the history behind traditional foods, its value and a bit of the food philosophy surrounding this course. (8m 53s) Trouble viewing the video?Click here.

Getting to know your starter cultures: Water Kefir, Kombucha

Throughout the course, we will be working with fermented foods which convey numerous health benefits.  Here you can learn more about these starter cultures. Trouble viewing the video? Click here.

 Links Addressing Food Philosophy

  • Real Milk: Find sources for raw milk in your area.
  • Cultures for Health: If you need starter cultures, pick up the Nourished Kitchen e-course package which contains everything you need for the fermentation portions of How to Cook Real Food.
  • Weston A Price Foundation: A nutritional advocacy group dedicated to sharing the research conducted by Dr. Price into the value of wholesome, unprocessed natural foods and their beneficial effect on our health.
  • Price Pottenger Nutritional Foundation: Another nutritional advocacy group sharing the research and work of Dr. Price and others like him.
  • Weston A Price Foundation – Chapters: Connect with your local Weston A Price Foundation chapter to find high quality local foods including fresh milk, grass-fed and pasture-raised meats and sustainable farms.
  • Local Harvest: Find local farms, farm stands, farmers markets and other outlets for locally available foods.
  • USDA’s Farmers Market Database: Find farmers markets in your area.