Lesson #2: Broths, Stocks and Bone Broths

slowcooker chicken soup

How to Cook Real Food: Mineral-rich Broths, Stocks & Soups

A good broth will resurrect the dead, or so goes the South American proverb. Indeed, there is nothing quite like a long-simmered and deeply flavorful stock or broth. In traditional societies, bone broths and mineral rich stocks played a vital role in every cuisine. Born of a wastenot, want-not attitude and an effort to make use of every bit of a harvested animal, bone broths required minimal effort but those that consumed them regularly reaped many rewards. Broths are rich and dense in micronutrients as minerals leach from the bones and into the liquid over an extended, slow slimmer over a flame.

This installment includes:

VIDEO: Homemade Beef Stock
VIDEO: Roast Chicken Stock
VIDEO: Dashi (Fish Stock)
VIDEO: Homemade Meat & Veggie Soup
WORK SHEETS: Basic Roast Poultry Stock Work Sheet, Basic Roast Brown Stock Work Sheet, Recipe Formula for Roast Poultry Stocks (CHART), Recipe Formula for Brown Stock (CHART), Basic Meat & Vegetable Soup Recipe Worksheet, Basic Meat & Vegetable Soup (CHART)
FACT SHEETS: Culinary, Economic & Health Benefits of Broth, Basic Preparation for Stocks & Broths, Trouble-shooting Stocks & Broths, 25 Uses for Stocks & Bone Broths, Frequently Asked Questions, The Chicken Soup Cure
RECIPES: Fresh Chicken Broth, Roast Chicken Stock, Homemade Beef Stock, Beef Tea, Dashi, Miso Soup, Miso Soup with Clams, Soup au Pistou, Beef Vegetable Soup, Spring Vegetable Pureed Soup, Cream of Chicken Soup, Cream of Mushroom Soup


  • Prepare a chicken or poultry stock
  • Prepare a brown beef stock
  • Identify 25 uses for stock, broth and bone broths
  • Identify health benefits of homemade stock and broth
  • Develop a recipe for your own meat & vegetable soup
  • Save money doing it!

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Videos & Links:

How to Make Brown Stock

In this video, I’ll show you how to make a traditional brown stock using beef soup bones and vegetable scraps.  This stock can be the base of soups, pan sauces and gravies. (7m 34s) Trouble viewing the video? Click here.

How to Make Roast Poultry Stock

In this video, I’ll show you how to make a traditional chicken stock out of the frame of a leftover roast chicken and vegetable scraps.  (7m 33s)  Trouble viewing the video? Click here.

How to Make Dashi

Let’s face it: few of us have access to the ingredients for classic fish stock, so learn to make this traditional Japanese fish stock instead.   Trouble viewing the video? Click here.

How to Make a Basic Veggie & Meat Soup

In this video I’ll show you how to make a basic vegetable and meat soup using whatever you have on hand and in season.  (6 m 11s) Trouble viewing the video? Click here.

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