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Thank you again for participating How to Cook Real Food.  The posted installments are located in the sidebar to the right, as well as at the bottom of this page. Check out the installment on natural sweets, please note that due to technical issues, this installment will be updated with new materials on Monday, November 20; however, you can still access the installment’s original videos and print materials right now.

Getting Started

To help you get started, please take a look around and make sure to check out the notes on ingredients/equipment you’ll be using in these lessons.  We use basic equipment, simple techniques and the vast majority of ingredients should be available to you locally – in the case of special ingredients (such as starter cultures for preparing yogurts etc.) we provide you with a list of resources as well.  You can also view information about using the course – including how to get the most from it, and make sure to take a look at the schedule for the conference calls.  Don’t worry: if you can’t make it, they’re recorded – and you can listen to them later.

The Schedule

Bonus Lesson: Getting Started
9/1: Tender Grass-fed Meats
9/8: Stocks, Broths & Soups
9/15: Cultured Dairy
9/22: Fresh Salads
9/29: Cooking Seasonal Vegetables
10/6: Real Pickles & Fermented Vegetables
10/14: Nuts, Seeds & Grain-free Baking
10/21: Soaked Whole Grain
10/28: Sourdough
11/4: Homemade Probiotic Drinks
11/10: Natural Sweets
11/17: Meal Planning Basics

Need Help with Meal Ideas: Try these meal plans